• Who We Are

About The Company

DDO PRODUCTIONS LLC is a media production company currently based in the Los Angeles, CA area rendering media services to people to include photography, videography and writings. The company was started by the owner while she was a freshman at North Carolina Central University in 2012, working hard as a passionate creative. She found herself constantly taking photos and filming for friends and family at various events and for fun as she traveled the world. Her customer base started to grow, and she realized that people were willing to pay her for something she never viewed as a job. She grew older and wiser and realized her passion could be turned into an official business and so in 2018, she did just that, making it all official. Though the company is based in CA, the owner also travels to render services to her customers in various locations. The goal of the company is to provide media services at an affordable rate and spread joy through the creation and sharing of art.

About The Owner

The owner, Destiny Owens, grew up in Rocky Mount, North Carolina with five siblings, her mom and stepfather. She always had a love for photography and movies and she began her journey behind a camera as early as elementary school. While in the 3rd grade at Winstead Avenue Elementary, she found herself in her school’s library recording the morning show, led by the librarian Ms. Joyner, that aired in each classroom every morning. Though she was nervous in the position and Joyner reassured her, she was a natural. During that time, she had no idea that it would be the beginning of a long career behind cameras that has been a defining part of her life and personality. She is a photographer, writer, videographer and filmmaker who is strongly interested in creating historical fiction films, biopics and documentary films.

“My goal is and has always been to document the lives of those around
me as well as my own through photography, videography and writing. I strongly believe that I was placed on earth to do just that and I have been doing so since I was a kid. I know people often feel that in this industry nothing is promised but I disagree because there will always be people who want their stories told, want their pictures taken and who want to watch a movie on a Friday or Saturday night and those things ring full of promise!”
-Destiny D. Owens


For further information, please feel free to call us (213) 375-5327